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Hello, welcome to the University of Lincoln’s Official Comedy Society…’s blog!

We realise it’s a bit late in the day to start writing a blog, but we’re not the advanced blogging society so give us a break, yeah? Thanks for stopping by, we’ll be keeping you updated with all our news from our stand-up shows, to our upcoming end of year sketch show, to our exciting new podcast which we are all running around like big neon dickheads with anticipation.

It’s been a bleddy busy year for us. For a start, we started. It took us a little while to get it up and running (‘a little while’ being two and a bit years) but we are finally here. And things have been going pretty darn swimmingly. January saw our first Tower Bar Takeover which went down really nicely. There were some technical difficulties and we were a bit difficult to hear, but we all had a ruddy good time, the crowd were absolutely lovely to us all and everyone hugged and got naked at the end. Anyone who was there at the time will know that to be a lie, but euphoria set in so I’m still a bit hazy on what went down. The way it played out in my mind, I rode an army of wading birds out the building in an exit unlike any other, but I’m told I just walked with a bit of a limp. The performers did so well, and we were lucky enough to have the show hosted by veteran comedian Paul Sellar. Many thanks to Paul and all his help in the setting up of the show.

We were invited back to the Tower Bar in March in an attempt to woo the wonderful people of Lincoln’s hearts a second time. We swapped sides so we had loads more room, and they gave us a wireless mic which was off the hook (lol). Again, we all had a blast, and it was nice to see a couple of new faces on stage since the last show. All of them were absolutely spectacular, and it was genuinly an honour to be performing with such talented people. The crowd welcomed us back with their warm, loving arms, and everyone hugged and got naked at the end. No really, it happened this time… All except for one man who didn’t really like me. I’d like to now offer up an official apology to the drunk man who threatened to kill me. I hope it er, gets better soon. Afterwards our social secretary Joe hosted an open mic event. He did a great job, considering we literally did that last minute. And I do mean literally; our Treasurer Emma was actually running around confirming names and trying to get everyone together throughout, the bonnie wee lass. The open mic was fun too, it was great to see people getting up on stage who hadn’t before, and almost everyone was sober enough to keep racism at bay. Congrats to everyone who took part, thanks ya’ll.

So yeah, it turns out that there are some darned talented stand-up comedians in the Comedy Society! Many thanks to the Tower Bar for their lovely accomodation so far. We’ve got one more stand-up up show this year, date to be confirmed. As it’s the last one of the year, expect something huge. Maybe I’ll wear stilts.

Next up is the sketch show in the LPAC on April 7th. I’m really excited about this, we’ve got a few surprises in store and it’s going to be huge. Maybe I’ll wear stilts. There are some extremely talented writers in the society, and it’s their time to shine, so please come and show your support! The way things have been going so far, there’s sure to be some sort of post-clothed embrace afterwards. Tickets are available to by now, and they’re absolutely free so go get ’em!

Finally, we’re putting together a set of weekly podcasts, the first of which will hopefully be available some time next week. We’re keeping this one pretty tight to our chests, it’s going to be a bit of a surprise, so you’ll just have to wait and see. All I can tell you is, unfortunately you won’t be able to see the stilts I’ll inevitably be wearing. But please don’t let that put you off.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my incessant ramblings, there’ll be more to come. If I can find a desk tall enough; I can’t take off these fucking stilts now.

Ed Carfrae, Comedy Society President.

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  1. Abbie Hardman

    We are looking to start a comedy night in our village pub in Sturton by Stow, would anyone be interested? If it goes down well then we would be looking to make it a regular event.

    Please email me for more details – hoping to start in May


    Abbie Hardman

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