Welcome to the Comedy Society!

Hello. You look very nice today. What, me as well? Aw, thanks! What, these old rags? Primark, but thanks for noticing! My hair? Had it cut yesterday, yours is very nice!

Anyway, you are on the blog of the University of Lincoln’s very own Official Comedy Society! Aren’t you lucky. Here you can find details of all the crazy and whacky (we’re not really whacky) things that we’re doing, as well as our soon to be released Podcast, which will also be available to download through iTunes.


If you want to join our hilarious ranks, we meet every Monday, 7pm at the LPac building (near the library on campus) and there’s a one off joining fee of £5. Worth it for a laugh!

Keep checking back for more updates on us lot, hope to see you around!


Are those new shoes?